What is Diego up to ?

I missed any post fight interviews or updates. What is he doing now?

It's 4-20, what do you THINK he's doing???? ;)

Hahah.. awesome! I think he's eating asparagus and channeling lightning bolts.

I met Diego a while ago at Total Combat. Dude was strung out on E. Honest.

How the hell do you get strung out on E...

Will he and Kos have a rubber match?

Sorry I am not a druggy or an expert on the culture. He was on E.

Actually, I hope they don't have a rubber match. It wasn't the most exciting fight, I was just wondering, given the UFC's propensity for rematches.

They should just let them to go at it lie they are in a Micheal Jackson video. Tie one of thier hands together and give each one of them a knife for the other hand. At least they would have no choice but to go at it non stop...

Who do you think would win that? I think they'd cut the rope and look at each other for 15 min. j/k

I not sure who would win. But the word on the street is that Diego used to be know as slice and dice..lol

Yeah, he sliced the tops off of the asparagus.

He is probably posing with more pics when his special friends.