What is Fearless Goat's Question??

Rogan, Sprawl, LKMFC, everyone one here has been getting the old "can you email me I have a question..."

-fearless goat

so what is the question??

if you want to know...ask them.

Fearless Goat

lol!! I am important biach!!!! ask me ask me!!!

i was told a long time ago when doing my charity event that if i had a question for an individual or company to ask them about the charity event where it is personal. Dont put them on the spot in front of the fans or mma.tv members. Ask them privately. I have them privately email me, and I ask them questions concerning my charity event with donations. I dont mention on here to anyone what they said or their response. I keep it personal. Am I wrong on that bro?

Fearless Goat

fletchmonster- can you please email me at RobertEmrotek2@aol.com...I have some questions for you sir. Thank you for your time.

Fearless Goat LOL!

no, thats actually smart. take it from a SALES NINJA!!!

so we cool now?


It is good to know I have a number 1 fan and a stalker all in one....lol

i am a stalkee to many..... stalker to none. dont get ahead of yourself goatman.

lol...its all good bro