What is going on with PHIL BARONI

I am hearing rumors of a warrant for murder out for Mr. Baroni in Mexico. Can Phil come on here and clear this up and at least give us his take? If he’s mistreated in custody (if this warrant is true) then it might be good to post up his side of it here as it may be his only chance.

Also, if he need assistance, maybe he can talk about that too.

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I’m all about supporting fighters, but this one is a slippery slope.



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His only chance with a Mexican murder case is to post on the UG?

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Broly dude.

We have connections.

Never question the OG.
Where you from? OG or Sherdog?


Italians gonna Italian. It’s in their nature to whack people.


Anyway, it’s Mexico, so he’ll be paroled in a couple of years for murder. No biggie.

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Nah he’s good

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Where’s the go fund me?

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He recently posted on his Instagram stories so he sure isn’t trying to hide if in fact he is on the run.


yeahhhhhhh Right

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I’m being told he is currently not in the US

He has been in Mexico for months.


He’s a good friend and I asked him about this for you guys last week and he just told me he’s trying to get to Thailand and said “Cartel shit” sorry I couldn’t get more guys but he didn’t want to text about it I think


Can’t blame him for not wanting to text about it.He should get a different phone in somebody else’s name.If they want you bad enough they can track you down by your phone.


That was a scumbag not affiliated with Phil at all that did that shit last time. A piece of shit sociopath that used to be a friend of Phil’s that actually stole a Rolex from my best friend. The guy set up that GoFundMe last time without Phil’s knowledge at all in an attempt to defraud everyone here of money. The guy also admitted his name here on the Forum, just fucked up dude’s wife actually tracked him down to gay club several times. I took screenshots of the conversation where he came out and admitted who he was on here last time.

Then he came back here under a different screen name and tried busting my balls, but I spotted him immediately and he disappeared as soon as I told him I’d show up at his job and wring his fucking neck.

  • he’s the guy that posted under Big Mike, and confirmed his last name was saracino

So none of you fucking idiots know anything? Fuck this like a forum full of drunk retarded spider monkeys that speak english.