What is going on with the ICC???

Does the ICC still exist? Do they still have a partnership with Don King? Do they have any events planned for the near future?

Peter P

After they got peoples hopes up on mmaweekly radio, they owe us fans an update as to how things are going on a public forum.

Peter P

thanks jaydub. I'm not trying to stir anything up, I just would like to know what's going on with the ICC as a fan.

Peter P

ttt for answers.

I wouldnt mind watching the first 2 dvds, if they're ever released. I remember them saying them put alot of money in the production. Fireworks/announcers/lights ect.

they partnered with Don King, and the dude that owns the ICC is now the king of mma. he's also proud to say he's a convicted felon. Hope that helps

I know Mike Reilly is now starting a Professional Fighters Association. It sounds like an interesting idea. It will be interesting to hear how that turns out.

Peter P

I have never met Dan Dease(sp).

But I have met Mike Reily and even rolled with him a little bit.

During the short period of time he was kicking my ass...I mean rolling with me he was very good at telling how certian moves should be performed.

Mike is an extremly nice guy who is not afraid to tell you like it is no BS from him.

convicted felon ?

any more info on that ?


how long in the pen?


I dont' know. I mentioned something about how Don was a convicted murderer, and Dan answered back that he was proud to say that he was also a convicted felon.

beckwell speaks the truth about reilly. i have also never met dan dease myself so i will not comment on him


ttt for answers

dan dease used to post on here daily..is he back in jail or?


I thought this thread was gone along ago.

Will we ever get answers?

Peter P