What is going on with the markets?

Dow down 800 pts (2.3%) today (so far).

Considering the risk of a mild crash/correction and the rising inflation, where can someone safely park money?

With Biden going full socialism this is the result. Gold/Crypto are your safest choices

Swing and a miss……

Gold, Ammo and tillable land.
Maybe some shares of an Ivermectin company.


You will own nothing and like it!!

Consumer staple stocks almost always do fine in just about any market condition.

Grocery stores and consumer packaged goods.

Wow, crypto down as well. Net…worth…TAKING A NOSE DIVE HULK HOGAN!!!

This is about Evergrande a Chinese investment co. They have a shit ton of debt coming due and it is likely that they can’t pay it. This is a lot like the fall Lehman brothers that led to the 2008 crisis.

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Thanks. Likely Amazon isn’t going to tank, I suppose.

Yes but the consensus is that China will not let Evergrande fail, as it would cripple their economy further.


The executives are being held hostage by investors as well

and spreading to other companies


China is having their Black Monday - it’s impacting the world markets. Look to gold and silver.

Probably not but alot of value can be taken out of it.

I was talking more like Kroger, General Mills, etc.

Boring stuff that will hold up and pay out dividends but not kill it.

It’s behind a Paywall. What is the Cliffs of the article

I believe it’s called the Biden effect.

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Gold and crypto are on the extreme opposite side of the safe scale lol.

Retail investors starting protesting at the company offices, some charged the building and were holding some of the executives hostage as of the 16th, haven’t seen any updates if it has been resolved yet.

I enjoyed buying SYY during the corona crash, 4.5%+ starting yield? Market was just handing out free money.