What is going to happen to the K1 format?

 If FEG folds due to its current financial hardships what is going to happen to the K1 format of fighting.  The DREAM fighters can simply find another organization, but the K! fighters dont really have that option.  I know Scott Coker used to promote Kickboxing events so maybe he opens an American version of K1. But I doubt he could afford to branch out while still trying to grow the Strikeforce brand.  Any ideas?  I would hate to see this format of fighting disapear from the mainstream. 

 I just saw that another guy posted this two hours before me.  Gonna be hard to come with something that hasnt been discussed already.

 It's Showtime will take over or something new will rise from the ashes.

I would love to see somebody get behind K1 Vegas cards again somehow.  They can't have the GP there but I would love to get the chance to watch somebody like Hari in person -

 Makes sense for another brand to buy the contracts.  Hell maybe even buy the name and become K1 Europe or something.  A K1 type show in the US would be great I am partial to MMA but Kickboxing beats the shit out of regular boxing as far as entertainment value. Should be interesting seeing how it all pans out anyway FEG is gonna leave a big hole in the Japanese market.

 I would not be opposed to the whole thing being moved to Holland where they can support the sport like they do in Japan.

With that said - K1 really doesn't have solid contracts and it would be foolish for It's Showtime to buy them out if they don't have to.

 LIttle late, but good to know about the contracts that will make it easier for the fighters to transition.  I was thinking of the way the UFC, Pride buy out went.

FRAT warning, Wouldnt suprise me if the ufc buys it just so it helps them get an additional foot into having shows in japan but will not run anymore kickboxing shows or mma shows not under ufc banner. The best that could happen would be someone buys it that will try and run the shows by trying to expand more into the us and europe and less into japan cause it seems japan isnt really interested in combat sports right now, but I believe with the right backing and the k1 brand it could be run very successfully in europe for sure and do well in america on the small scale over time, strikeforce could be ok but aren't developed enough as a promotion themselves to develop k1 back as a brand rather a buy out of the brand and then a merger with its showtime could be successfull using its showtimes
base in europe and the k1 brand( its showtime's a dumb name imo) Phone Post

 Seems to me after reading a lot of other post the most likely thing to happen is ITS SHOWTIME absorbing the fighters willing to fight in Europe and possibly buying the name. I dont see the UFC being interested. 

 I'm pretty sure Dana is a big kickboxing fan.  But adding a different organization under the umbrella is just too much and the last deal with the Japanese was shady as fuck.

Nothing. It will disappear, and fighters will continue to fight in Europe like most of them have been lately anyway.

 if FEG/K-1/DREAM were to truly fold, i hope HDNet picks up It's Showtime

 Saw a thread today that said ZUFFA was talking about buying FEG out.  So I might have been wrong.  Not sure if it had any validity at all but it would be interesting.  IF ZUFFA does buy out FEG they put a hurting on Strikeforce because the co-promotion would be over, assuming there are any binding contract to be had.  And without the co-promotion Strikeforce could very well go under next. ZUFFA pickes up Scott Coker to run the new Kickboxing leg of there operation, ZUFFA gets closer to Japan, andthe US gets a quality kickboxing organization on the airwaves again.  Its all a little far fetched but who knows.