What is good for the sport?

just curious

I am.

Being an honest person, having integrity, training hard and being respectful in victory and defeat is good for the sport.


Kirk Genesis is good for the sport!

how about Nachos

According to Fightsport, good for the sport is anything Dana White doesn't do.

Leave it better than you find it.


Making money

"You must get your kidney cut out and sell it on ebay then donate your money to mma.tv, that is good for the sport. "

I actually wanted to do this, but ebay wouldn't let me. Why should the hospital make money off an organ that I DONATED?

-crush your enemy

-see them driven before you

-and hear the lamentations of their women

shave your head.. wear a goatee. wear mma gear at ALL times (always one size smaller).

shadow box and practice your double leg in the front yard on Sundays


seriously, i think promoting the sport in a positive way when discussing it with people who are unfamiliar with it is cool.