What is good progress?

After working out for 6 weeks, how do you know when your making good gains? I believe in the first 6 weeks you make the most gain but afterwards it tends to be slow, but how do you know if your not making enough progress and may need to reconsider your diet/routine? Right now I can probably bench 1 rep (some times 2) more than my last workout, is that too little? Thanks in advance.

so what is good progress and what is bad progress?

If you can add 5lbs. every week or two on a given exercise that is good progress. As you become more experienced things will slow down a little bit. I would also like to caution that even if you know you can handle a little more than a 5-10lbs. increase ,in a week, in a given exercise, don't move up any faster than that. You want things to gradually become more difficult so your body can adapt to the change and you don't burn out or overtrain.


4 months I hope to add 5kg ~ 11lbs on to my Snatch or Clean and Jerk from 1st Jan 04 onwards. I hope to sustain this for 18 months hopefully.

My squats won't go up much as I'm pretty developed in my Squats = progress slower now.

Bench ~ 8weeks of benching once a week I can up to 5kg training weight then work up the next 8 week and do a full 6rep x 5set complete. Push the 5th set to 8reps then I move on.

6 months I hope to press to hanstand in Gymnatics.

But in all honesty 'good' progress is just whatever you couldn't do before. Or just doing more reps and sets. Not such a science. Just move up when you can lift the weight to whatever scheme you work off. Of course the next few training sessions will be hard and you probably won't be able to complete it. But keep at it and you can train it.

Not to mean push your max everytime so you can 'eventually' do it for 10x as that is unlikely in a short space of time. Unless you are very very new to training.