What is happening to Yuki Kondo

Since Vanderlei Silva stomped his face he has gown downwhile....even drowing with B class fighters and losing to people he would have killed two years ago.

it is a shame. he was one of the best 2 years ago.

The life of a fighter is difficult.

He was never one of the best but perhaps he was better.

Still, many saw he was jobbed vs. top 10 LHW Nakamura and Yuki is by all accounts, a blow up or chubbied MW. I heard the Gono fight was pretty close too and Gono is a top 10 MW.

Yuki doesnt have the game to be top 5 i dont think but back at MW, he could still do some damage.

Would like to see him rematch Baroni, that was a pretty shocking result for such an experienced and agile striker like Yuki....

I think he was fairly inconsistent even before the Silva fight. Part of the problem is fighting out of his weight class. I wouldn't mind seeing him in the UFC at 185.

But he has lost to Filho and Baroni, who are both MWs but Filho beats nearly everyone and Baroni is pretty badass when hes on.

Wand & Pride sent Sak on his spiral.

If Sak had actually fought at MW and had time to actually heal to fight.......dam.

As Wasa-B points out he was brutally robbed at the hands of Nakamura.

the real problem is fighting outside his weight.