What is Holdup w/ UFC on FOX 2?

It's in less than 2 months and there is no ticket info or announced fights. What gives?

..... You serious right now? Phone Post

Yes I am serious. UFC 144 is a month later and is almost full. Usually ticket info is available by now with at least an announced main event.

I'm with you cld I wanna know the full lineup already

Didn't Dana claim it would be announced last week after he talked with Fox? Maybe there were some disagreements between the two sides.

Tickets are on sale week of December 5th.

What are the fights and prices?

yhknq -  Thought I saw that they were announcing the fight card during the TUF finale.


I think Einemo/Russow is on the card, isnt MM/Wineland on the card, Munoz/Sonnen will probably be on the card.

Maybe Rashad/hendo or Rashad/Davis could headline the card.