What is it with Boldenone and Fighters???

Rocco wont lie. He's played with anabolics in the past. But why in the hell would these fighters use Boldenone? The shit lasts like forever in the body. Which means, at least a year it will show up on tests! And this latest guy is like the fourth or fifth MMA fighter caught on this shit. Damn I can think of other not so risky substances...Ahem, if I were thinking along those line that is...

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Pequeno is from Brazil, where steroids are legal and socially acceptable. He has been fighting in Japan for the last few years now, where they don't test for steroids and avoid the subject if it comes up. He has probably been juicing for years and stopped after he signed with the WEC but didn't account for the half life since it was never a concern for him in the past. You aren't concerned with how long something stays in your system if it is both legal and not tested for during your fights. This also accounts for both getting popped and not performing as well as we have seen in the past. As for why he is using a horse steroid when there are arguable better options is beyond me. I'm not into gear and why people choose one thing over another but I believe boldenone is good for healing injuries and helping you train through injuries.

because equipoise is a great all around juice, better for mma athletes than deca or dbol, and with a little test thrown in with it you can get great athletic, stregnth and size gains in a little time. if you do even a moderate amount of eq with a minimal amount of test, and work out really hard for even just a month, eating a lot and getting lots of rest, youll get signifcant gains. thats why its so popular. and what alliance said about no testing in japan, and detection times is 100% correct. he shouldve gotten his own tests done a few times before taking a fight here.

Boldenone is best stacked with some prop or cyp....so I've heard. But how does that explain Barnett, Baroni, and others? Get some better advice I guess is what I'm saying.

And I was never a beachfag. Stripper whore maybe...