What is Lei Tai?

I saw the Jade Dragon Tournament on the events section of this site and can't seem to find any rules for the different divisions. I found the uniforms required for the divisions, but not the official rules. I interested in the rules for Lei Tai, San Shou and their grappling division. Any information that anyone here has would be much appreciated.

Try kickboxing forum

Lei Tai is a kind of sandwich

Up, because some other competitors in the DC area may be interested as well.

" Kobe Tai's sister."

Is she in the same line of work?

seriously, a le tai is a raised platform that is used in some san shou formats. it is like a fighting stage. It is raised above the ground, and has no ropes.


A long time ago when two Chinese MA guys would fight in a public challenge match, they would fight on a raised platform (the dreaded Lei Tai). One way to win is to hurt your opponent by throwing him off (or just by kicking/punching him). When San Shou was in its younger days, they had the competitions on the platform (and you could throw your opponent off the platform which either won it for you or got your major points (with the judges (like a knockdown), can't remember which)). At anyrate, as San Shou developed more as a sport, they decided to use a ring to reduce the injury rate (and public challenge matches aren't done anymore). So the Lei Tai should be history...

so I wonder if they are actually going to do pro matches on one now?