what is Mexican Judo?

I always heard growing up that all mexicans know judo, and that their judo is dirty (as in rough), any insight into this? are Mexican Judoka tough? do they have a strong ground game?

mexican judo:

"judo know if I have a knife
judo know if I have a gun
judo know"

i knew it was some kind of joke.

good one

I have competed in many Judo tourneys and some in Mexico. Mexicans have good Judo but many Mexican Judokas are known for their shoulder throws. I learned a great variation of SEOI-NAGE from a Mexican coach.
But TrevorRice is right, it is a joke.......

Bean picking or not the Mexican Judo coach had an awesome shoulder throw....

There is a saying...
"Beware of a: Korean's Feet(TKD), Japanese's Hands(Karate), Phillipino's Stick (Arnis/Kali), an American's Gun, and a Mexican's Knife." But I've never heard of it saying, "as a Mexican's Judo"??? hmmm

The days of Mexicans being good at knife fighting are gone.

They are so good because for years they have honed their throwing skills by throwing each over the Rio Grande. However, once they get thrown over, the American Judo isn't good enough to be able to throw them back as we use mostly picks and dumps instead of the hip throws.

I heard Mexico isn't competitive in any Olympic events cuz anybody who can run, jump or swim has crossed the border already.


If you liked that you'll love this......

-Why wasn't Jesus born in Mexico?
-They couldn't find three wise men or a virgin.

When retelling, feel free to substitute whatever country you wish to insult in place of Mexico.

-Why doesn't Mexico have a good Olympic team?

-Every Mexican that can run, jump, and swim are in the U.S.!

a judo gi with a sponsorship by corona..

If Jesus wasn't born in Mexico, how come he's got a Mexican name? 

good jokes guys. as a guy with a mexican mother, i support this thread. keep em coming!

lmao at WaltJ. I live in Mexico and we have a running joke that the older the car, the more people there will be in it.