What is MORE IMPORTANT? (strength)

In combat, would you say it is better to have a very strong LOWER body or UPPER body?

To be more specific, answer for these three:

1) MMA

2) Grappling only

3) Boxing

I'm having a debate with some friends and would like some input.

I know, I know, being strong both ways is best, but what if you could ONLY have superior upper or lower body strength?

upper if u can only have 1

Lower body for all of them. Your hips and technique are where all your power come from. Big pecs don't help you with anything.

Not that other upper body muscles aren't important, but certainly not as much. (triple negative?)

legs and lower back

look at crocop and the success he's had with powerful legs, his upperbody really isnt that big for a heavyweight. but then on the other hand many boxers have matchstick legs compared to upperbody so i guess it depends. id say legs for all but perhaps not boxing!

^If we need a truck tyre rolled end over end or a bunch of roundy stones put up onto barrels we'll give him a call, m'kay?

Lol @ Peter

joe frazier sez:

lower body.

boxing is soo not upper body. neither is wrestling, actually. in applying submissions it might be, but in controlling your opponent lower body strength is more important. lower body strength is what gets you off the bottom, too, if you're there and don't want to be.

I don't know, I'd go with stronger upper body personally - Tito or Rampage do plenty good with small legs and big upper bodys.

oh come on. have you seen any of tito's leg workout on all access? don't be fooled because he's got those birdy calves- his legs are are strong as the rest of him. i bet you he's stronger in the legs, proportionately, than he is in the chest.

and rampage's glutes and core are diesel (may be gay to use this word, but in this case it fits). i bet you he could put up 500+ in a squat. that's pretty strong, in my book.

there's no good way to say, "if you look at the dude's ass...". i knew that before i posted, and yet, i did it anyways. sighs

dahosse. Ok so they're just strong. Generally large muscles indicates more strength.

i'm suprised people don't have more to say on this subject.


Tito is not very big in his upper body, actually.

This thread is dumb.

If the lwoer body includes the core, lower body for sure.

more please