What is New Order's best song?

Blue Monday and True Faith are the most respected.

Most people my age have a soft spot for "World In Motion".

Especially John Barnes' epic rap

True faith, blt ,underrated regret. Phone Post 3.0

Love this one...

Fuck, thought this was a Genki Sudo thread!

Been a long day.

Vanishing Point from "Technique" Phone Post 3.0

I know it's kinda recent, but Crystal. Phone Post 3.0

Love Vigilante Phone Post 3.0

al neri - Round and round is pretty good too Phone Post 3.0
You talking about Ratt? Phone Post 3.0

I'll add to Blue Monday and BLT

Touched By The Hand of God 12"

Hocky Balboa -
Richard III - True Faith Phone Post 3.0
. Phone Post 3.0
. Phone Post 3.0

al neri - Regret Phone Post 3.0


True faith. Love that song Phone Post


Bizarre love triangle Phone Post 3.0

Age of consent
Love vigilantes
Dreams never end
did I mention Ceremony? Phone Post 3.0

love ceremony.. perfect kiss is up there too!

Age of consent
Dreams never end
Blue Monday
Ceremony(sort of a transition song)
Perfect kiss(long version)
Your silent face

Power, corruption and lies is an amazing album. Great, poignant and yet diabolical at the same time. Phone Post 3.0

NeNeNeNeNew World Order...For Life

I have always thought there was something deeply subversive and maniacal about joy division and new order(aside from Ian Curtis suicide.) The music was always extremely authentic but it always felt like there was something subliminal going on. The album covers, song titles and the way the band used to present itself don't help things. Phone Post 3.0

I've seen them twice live and they were a great experience Phone Post 3.0