what is next for Terrell

What is the next step to being king of Pancrase

are you sure he'd tool them? that's bold.

i like dave a lot. he's a good guy and a great fighter, but i
highly doubt he'd tool baroni or tanner. he certainly has a lot
of potential and a lot of skill.

i think a match against gono would be good. i'm not sure he's
ready for kondo.

he will be in the big shows. it's just a matter of time.


he would TOOL those guys, no doubt. Cornoholio has caught the Gono... I mean the correct.

one thing I know for sure if Terrel gets a shot at any of those fights He will be ready and they better be. No one has a bigger heart and his skills just keep getting better. He is going to the top it is just a matter of time. His record shows that.

dave would probably tool them if it went to the ground. and past round1.

gwcgog is correct.Anyone that knows of Terrell can tell you he will be ready regardless.In my opinion the man is ready for next step.He has some of the best ground technique around and as we all know now he has k.o power.

Dana White it would be smart to scoop this guy up now!!


I'm sure if terrell was ready and willing for the next level he wouldn't have a problem getting a shot.

i think hes playing it smart. building a solid foundation (BJJ black belt, boxing, etc) taking competitive yet not top 5 fights, then unleashing some serious serious carnage. His teammate's Nick Diaz and JAke Shields have progressed well with a similiar plan.

On the other hand, Terrell at 185 would break something on Lindland or Tanner so why not?

Personally, I think Terrell Vs Harout would be a great UFC break-in fight.

Who is Harout


harout is Gokors best guy and only black belt (I believe). He trains with John Lewis now (I think). He is meaner/srtonger than his teammate Karo...

The reason I said that fight because Harout is the only guy that I have heard almost as many accounts of him causing severs discomfort to his peers. He is suppost to be a mat monster and Terrell has proven that he is as well...

Gokor has made comments about Harout entering the (UFC) Octogon in 2004 and I doubt there would be better match. Of course I pick Terrell but cant say I know much about Harout.

Harout could concievably beat Terrell. However, As as been said, Terrell is always ready and trains his ass off, Harout can be a bit of a prty animal and slacks in his training. If he goes UFC, I really hope Harout trains for it like he should. If he does, hes a monster.

could he make 185? he's big...

I think he may have been talking about Harout having trouble making 185.

Harout is a big boy

Terrell/ Sakurabe would be SICK! sak would take that fight think he was getting shannon Rich or Southworth, then he would be in for a shock!

would like to see him get a shot at pride in feb. in las vegas any opponent he will be ready, but there's some choices for him in pride


ttt for Terrell fighting Saku!!!!!!!