What is Nog's Real age?

Is it really 30?

I'm 37 and he looks like he has at least a good 12 years on me.

56 next month.

  1. He's had a few facelifts.

Standing in front of my truck now....still look good.


He just looks old because he's been in so many wars.

Look at his fight with Sapp. It was only 6 years ago but he looks about 20 years younger.

he's 49, his birthday was last month

All the phyiscal and emotional stress he had as a professional fighter let him look like this.

It´s not a healthy buisness to be a MMA Heavyweight Champ.:-)


his body is about 102.


Still young enough to have an afterparty...


lol. he actually comes from prehistory times.

"Fedor's the reason he looks like that."

And Sapp.

And CroCop.

And Herring (just that kick though lol).

"Fedor's the reason he looks like that."

Disagree because:

'his brother looks the same as mino, it's genetics.'

and on that note, look at pics from Diet Nog's fight on Friday, he actually looks WAY gnarlier than Big Nog, despite not having been run over by a truck or been in countless ring wars.

Nog is 65. He is retiring from the mill this year.

His brother doesn't look like that, imo.

I was thinking the same thing. Hard living Rio style.