What is obvious...

Today I believe Scott is flying back to Wash. and so cannot reply to these threads, just in case people think he is MG. As far as that advance degree I think it has to do with his studies with ROSS and his own unique development in sport psy. or whatever you call it that got him it.


Having read most of the debate, a few a things are obvious:

First, it appears JKD123 and his kinesioligist acquaintance are the typical "get what you can for free" scam artists so much in abundance today. Scott's a good guy and got caught in a situation where his generosity was taken advantage of.

Second, whatever the truth to the wrongs committed here(real or imagined), JKD123 has destroyed his credibility with this campaign of double talk, innuendo and rhetoric. There is obviously a hidden agenda here.

Third, take a look at the folks who stand with Scott Sonnon. The likes of Mike Gillette, Tony Blauer, and Matt Thornton come to mind. Some of the best and most respected men in the game. JKD123 on the other hand is supported by, well, let's be kind and say men of lesser stature than the afore mentioned trio.

I have never met Scott, personally, although I hope to do so soon. I can tell you that my conversations with him have been encouraging. He has offered to let me train with him as his guest(free) to get a feel for the system.

Maybe that's your weakness Scott: You're too professional and generous. Maybe since you offered to let me be your guest, I should demand a free set of Fisticuffs and then throw a fit if you decline. Sigh. Sadly, there is always a guy without a life out there ready to take advantage.

I for one am thankful for the presence of Scott's wisdom on these boards and hopeful that this will not discourage him from continued participation.

There's a reason Scott has a well respected forum. All those reasons fly directly in the face of JKD123's accusations.

Not too tough a call to make for the sober of mind.


Not that this needs to be added, but added it is:

Scott Sonnon:

Inducted into the INTERNATIONAL MARTIAL ARTS HALL OF FAME, and awarded the honor of 1999 Master Instructor of the Year by the World Head of Family Sokeship Council

Former USA National Sambo Team Coach, an ethnic Russian combat sport, which is the 3rd style of international wrestling

Former USA Grand National, Pan-American Champion, and World Silver Medalist in Sambo

Honorable Master of Sport (a Russian title given only to a handful of foreigners in history; awarded for significant achievement and development of the sport of Sambo)

Former Adjunct Professor of Physical Education for Penn State University

USA National Bayonet Fencing Team Coach, an Olympic hopeful sport for 2008

First non-Russian in history to be licensed and trained in Russia by Russian Olympic and Special Forces Trainers in the R.O.S.S. Training System of Performance Enhancement and Health Improvement (Also known as "Russian Martial Art")

International Category Instructor for the International Federation of Russian Martial Art - the IFRMA is sanctioned by the Russian Olympic Committee as the sole official representative of Russian Martial Art within Russia and worldwide

Executive Chairman of the American Annex to the International Federation of Russian Martial Art; the AAIFRMA is the official North American governing body for Russian Martial Art R.O.S.S.)

Head Trainer of the American Academy for Russian Martial Art and Combat Skill, Inc.; the AARMACS is the North American Instructor Training Headquarters for the R.O.S.S. Training System

Vice-President of the American Amateur Sambo Federation for FIAS (International Amateur Sambo Federation), the official USA Sambo Governing Body
Chairman for the International Combat Sambo Commission for FIAS

International Category Licensed Referee for FIAS

Creator of the Martial Arts Hall of Fame acclaimed Best New Video of the Year Grapplers Toolbox™ - Biomechanical Enhancement Conditioning, Shock-Ability™ - The Biomechanics of Impact, Zdorovye™ - Slavic Natural Health System, Immovable Object Unstoppable Force™ - The Guide to Biomechanical Throwing and Warrior Wellness™ - Bodyweight Joint Strength Conditioning, Plural Assailant Engagements™ - Dynamic Biomechanical Maneuvering™ and BAYONET - Biomechanics of the Blade™.

Presented demonstrations for high ranking military and political officials in Russia and Lithuania, including the Russian Minister of Sport, and aids to the former Russian Prime Minister and current Russian President, Mr. V. Putin. Presented demonstration the Bol'shoy Concert Hall "Oktiabrskiy" in St. Petersburg, Russia for the 10th Anniv. of the Russian Martial Art Federation.

Featured in special edition of THE WORLD OF MARTIAL ARTS Magazine, and also featured in BLACK BELT Magazine, AUSTRALIAN GROUNDFIGHTER Magazine, RUSSIAN MARTIAL ART INTERNATIONAL Magazine, PODISMO Martial Art Magazine (Italy), NEW ZEALAND MARTIAL ARTS Magazine, SOLDIER OF FORTUNE Magazine, BUDO AND FITNESS Magazine, and AUSTRALIAN MARTIAL ARTS Magazine
Founder of IBA Method (Intuitive Biomechanical Allodynamics) used in movement therapy for the mentally ill and brain damaged, in conjunction with the US Center for Neuropsychology

Teaching worldwide, the R.O.S.S. Training System for law enforcement, correctional and federal officers, general and special operations military personnel, amateur, Olympic, and professional athletes, national and world champions (such as the New Jersey Devils.)


Supposed BJJ blackbelt under unknown teacher with a screenname beginning with TKD... lol

Accepts free video set but does not have personal integrity to return it when he determines the instructor to be illegitimate.

Frequents others forums, violating the rules with his personal agenda. Which points out the obvious: He has no forum of his own.

Other accomplishments unknown...

this get


You got one part right in your entire message.. The part about my post being hearfelt and genuine...

The facts I presented speak for themselves...

You can lead a man to knowledge, but you cannot make him think.