What is P.E.C.?

Browsing TonyBlauer.com I see there are some tape sets called "P.E.C. 1 & 2". What are these? (Other than great, which I am already certain of.)
Gene Temple

Sorry for the delay and sorry that there's no description on those pages....

here's some info, but the best thing to do is call us Tuesday for details, were on a summer schedule now...


(Performance Enhancement Combative System)

#1. Cerebral Self-defence: The Mental Edge - 90 minute audio

#2. Meta-Cognition: Secrets to Unlocking Your Warrior Intuition - 90 minute audio

#3. Performance Enhancement Psychology - 90 minute audio

#4. Competition Coaching Session: Performance Enhancer - 30 minute VIDEO presentation perfect for MMA competitors. This was taped for Kip Kollar's
competitors prior to the New England Grappling Championships.

I think #2 includes these tapes...

CONTACT SPARRING & FEAR MANAGEMENT - Get 161 minutes of drills, psychology for ring related training (3 hours!)

INTEGRATING BOXING & MARTIAL ARTS 105 minutes - almost 2 hours of training tips on strategies, tactics and drills that'll dramatically improve your
stand-up game.

SPECIAL #1 - 3 audio's and 1 video

SPECIAL #2 - All of package 1 plus the 2 videos