What is Portlandia about?

None of the descriptions I read seem to describe a tv show lol. Phone Post 3.0

It's about a boy lost I the wrong forum asshole. Phone Post 3.0

Hipster cliches specific to Portland, though they can apply to anywhere in America.

It's sort of like The State from MTV in the mid 90's, only a lot less funny.

GAY Phone Post 3.0

Ramsey - It's about a boy lost I the wrong forum asshole. Phone Post 3.0

Portlandia is about watching S01E01 and never again. Phone Post 3.0

It's a factual documentary about life in Portland Oregon Phone Post 3.0

dhughes - It's actually funny as hell. It's about nothing kinda. And yes hipster cliches abound. But if ur looking for something noncommittal to watch and laugh at, it is good. Would move to OG but on phone and have no mod powers. Phone Post 3.0

This. Its just a bunch of long running skits. Some last for only an episode,some are still ongoing. Phone Post

Really, really shitty hipster sketch comedy show. I mean spectacularly shitty. I do like the opening song, though.

Holy WFA. Cacao Phone Post 3.0

The Battlestar Gallactica episode is pretty epic. Phone Post 3.0

I don't think it's hipster. It makes fun of hipsters every episode.

Black Jesus is the funniest show ever though. Phone Post 3.0

Really hit or miss. I can relate to so many being in east coast version Phone Post 3.0

The chicks from the band sleater Kinney, awesome band Phone Post 3.0

Oh yes this art is very bad Phone Post 3.0

I think it's funny. I played in a band for awhile and was forced to associate with a bunch of the hipster types the show makes fun of, so I guess I can relate to it. Phone Post 3.0

Nexuscrawlers - It's a factual documentary about life in Portland Oregon Phone Post 3.0

haha yes

You can really relate if you live in Portland.  Fucking Hipster doofuses.

It's about riding that line between being a hipster douche but also realizing how ridiculous it is at times. It's about that feeling of wanting to be "green" or politically correct, etc., but also seeing how it gets taken over the top in a completely worthless and self aggrandizing way.

If you live near a city like Portland or San Francisco, I think you will find the show funnier, since it is so close to reality at times.

Just went to new coffeshop next to my apartment and I thought I walked into the "dream of the 1890's" skit from portlandia. East coast portland not far behind the west coast one Phone Post 3.0

The "is it local" skit seems like slapstick, but I know people who take it almost that far. I know a lady that got the addresses for a bunch of local organic dairy farms, then she drove out to all of them and came back to tell everyone which farms to avoid. That sounds good in theory, but her reason for avoiding one farm was that it looked too muddy.

There is also a sushi place in Portland that has color coded dots next to each menu item for just how sustainable the fish is. There were 4 or 5 colors to choose from (which I thought was funny, since they were still serving things that weren't perfectly ecologically sound).

There is also a well known chef in my town who assaulted a man at an Oregon hog competition when he found out the man's hog was not raised in Oregon.

There are also several hippy farms that use an "on your honor" system. They have a farm store stocked with stuff, but no employees, so you take what you want, add up your total and pay (there is even a credit card machine with instructions on how to charge yourself).

I love a lot of these weird parts of Oregon life, but it can be ridiculous as well.