What is Ralph up to?

I gather he doesn't teach at any of his schools anymore. Does he still live in the US? What is he up to these days? Never hear about him or really any of his students anymore. Phone Post

Saw him last week, he cornered Dos Anjos at the UFC in San Jose. Still actively teaches, mainly in his SF Academy (black belt sessions) and Dublin Academy (East Bay, closer to his house). Plus seminars at affiliated schools (of which there are quite a few).

If you're in the Bay Area he still has a huge influence both in terms of his current and former students.

In the last year his youngest son was diagnosed with Leukemia, so that has been most of his focus and concern lately. Happily the prognosis is currently good

Did a seminar with Ralph a few months ago, went in pretty skeptical as I don't tend to get much out of seminars and he has a rep for being crazy.

1. It was a gi seminar that was probably the most technical seminar I have been to, very advanced concepts and techniques and very well taught. I still use ideas and details he showed from basic collar chokes to complex turnovers from turtle that work but that I had never seen.

2. There were only two advanced students (purple +) at the seminar, everyone else was a white belt with under 6 months training. I got a lot out of it, I doubt anyone else did.

3. Ralph is crazy, at one point he freaked on the local instructor in Portuguese (a Brazilian) for not doing exactly as Ralph said when trying to demonstrate. Of course, everyone except for two of us were the local Brazilian's students! When say freaked, I meant I thought he was going to kill him.

4. I recommend Ralph's seminars, but not for beginners.

"4. I recommend Ralph's seminars, but not for beginners."

...or local instructors who speak Portuguese:)