what is rhythm?

What is rhythm in respect to sport?

Is it the ability for individual body movements to flow into each other? Rhythm swinging a golf club? rythm in boxing? It's always talked about but never discussed what it actually is.

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3) The body's ability to repeatedly respond in a timely fashion to an outside stimulus, and / or to repeatedly create an action that is timely relative to the other actions going on at the same time (eg. your jab-cross combo: throw the cross to slow and your opponent covers up or counters with a jab, cheat the jab and he comes over the top with his own cross, but throw it with just the right rhythm and he goes off to LaLa Land).

Read Tao of JKD for good talk on the concept. Especially "broken rhythm".

And it's got a more specific meaning in terms of weight training, but I don't know if that's what you're after. Also called "timing", and it's about proper form. Like if your butt comes up too fast when ascending from a squat, then your "rhythm" or "timing" is off... shoulders need to be moving up faster than they are, so you don't end up with a bar on your shoulders and your face on the floor. One example.

No idea if that's what you're after.

So you could say rhythm is the repetition of well timed movements?

Either you can have rhythm relative to an outside stimulus. eg. repeatedly timing punches in between your opponents?

Or rhythm within your own physiology. i.e performing each flexion/extension/rotation etc at the right time to ensure fluid or rhythmic motion?

I think you did say what I wanted Ali. Timing of movements will give you rhythm. There is no rhythm without timing.

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