What is the AFC wesite addy?

Could someone please direct me to a link where I can find info on the rules for the Absolute Fighting Championships. Thank you in advance.

Hey Rory - looking forward to seeing you fight.

We use a ring, not a cage, but the rules are identical to UFC, with 1 exception - AFC uses no elbows at all.

This is the unified code of rules, it isnt on the AFC website, but the boxing commission sites have them pout there.


Thanks Miguel. I will also assume then that the rounds are five minutes in duration? I look forward to fighting for you as well.

What is the AFC's website?

Best info on AFC stuff is at ADCC NEWS, we dont have a specific website. The ATT sites have a lot of stuff as well.

Ireland - can you call me this weekend on my cell - that October thing is looking good.


Hey Miguel, can you please email me at acaporicci@mmaondemand.com ... have some questions for you concerning my guys and the Trials.


Got a wedding Sat. I'll call ya sunday...

ttt for some GA boys in florida!

Good luck to all!COMPLETE LINEUP (Subject To Change): 2 RDs / 145 LBS: Rocky Long (3rd Column, Houston, TX) v. Dan Cesar (Duneland VT, Portage, IN) 2 RDs / 170 LBS: Steve Bruno (ATT, Ft Lauderdale, FL) v. Gino Astudillo (Freelance, Miami, FL) 2 RDs / 185 LBS: Charles "Chainsaw" Mccarthy (Freestyle Fighting Academy, Miami, FL) v. Forrest Petz (Animal House, Colombus, OH) 2 RDs / 155 LBS: Edson Berto (Tigers World,Winter Haven, Fl) v. Brian Medlin (Strasser's Academy, Kenosha, WI) 2 RDs / 145 LBS: Renato Tavares (American TOP TEAM, Ft Lauderdale, FL) v. David Love (Animal House, Kokomo, IN) 2 RDs / 170 LBS: Scott Bills (Freelance, Orlando, FL) v. Dave Strasser (Strassers Freestyle Academy, Racine, WI) 2 RDs / 185 LBS: Crafton "Blaze" Wallace (Freelance, Ft. Myers, FL) v. Chad Saunders (Freelance, Orlando, FL) 2 RDs / 170 LBS: Justin Weiman (Strassers Freestyle Academy, Racine, WI) v. Wald Bloise (American TOP TEAM, Ft Lauderdale, FL) 3 RDs / 205 LBS: Diego Lionel Vitosky (Freelance, Cordoba, Argentina) v. Rory Singer (Hardcore Gym, Atlanta, GA)) 3 RDs / 155 LBS: Edson Diniz (American TOP TEAM, Ft LAuderdale, FL) v. Tomomi "Taisho" Iwama (TAISHO, Tokyo, Japan) 3 RDs / 185 LBS:: Carl Malenko (Tigers World, Winter Haven, Fl) v. Mike Seal (Team Cordeiro, Tijuana, Mexico)

Carlao- You had one event 2 weeks before my wife's due date and now you are having one on our 5th aniversary. Check with me next time before scheduling! Seriouly, I am pissed that will be 2 in a row that I miss. However, I won't miss the Manny beatdown.

2 weeks before due date. Fuck that you should be there no problem.

2 weeks you can build Rome