What Is The Appeal of Camping?

The rule of thumb for camping: Your Age / 10 = Inches of Padding you need when camping.

Bring a proper pillow also…

You gotta bring those thin mattresses to camping, not a huge fan of the inflatable feeling of them beds , would rather sleep on top of a few layers but yeah its better than the grass lol

I need to start planning my first camping trip, usually hit it pre season (around the 17th) and 2-3 other trips during the season before it gets too cold. I love going to a reserve with small islands that can only be accessible by boat or kayak. We usually go with the entire crew, it’s pretty awesome rowing and kayaking there with the dogs and the equipment in a huge gang :slight_smile:

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yeah, you miss-read, but then you responded ironically with “masculine endeavor”

I only got to use it once last year…and we were at a cabin lol. There wasn’t a ton of room though with both mine and my in laws families so I said, don’t worry about me…I’ll sleep in my truck tent with my dog, it was great. It even rained hard one night and I was dry as bone.


I’ve never used padding and typically use a bag or rolled-up towel as pillow. Last Easter, my bag had half a roast chicken in it and I couldn’t figure out where the smell was coming from. It was nice and warm though.

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The first trip we ever took ours out it rained for almost the whole three days. The tent got a little damp inside but that’s not unexpected with that much moisture.

We like backing ours up and leaving the flap open so that we can wake up with a view. This was our morning view on one of last years trips.


That’s so awesome. I’m definitely going to use it more this year, even just me and the pooch to get away for a weekend. I should start planning cause I think there’s a weekend in June where the wife and kids will be gone. I have a twin size memory foam bed topper that folds up nice and fits perfectly, It’s actually very comfortable

That’s what we use as well. Looked into buying one of the special mattresses but they cost almost as much as the tent.



This will be my home for 3 days in June, I just reserved it.


Man, that looks awesome. Enjoy it!

Camping is fun. Camped in the Ozark mountains.