What is the baddest American muscle car?

And why? Phone Post 3.0

I've always liked the Barracuda.

Biggest psychopath in my high school drive one. Phone Post 3.0

Mustang because mustang Phone Post 3.0

Corvette Phone Post 3.0

Pick a year too if you have a preference. Phone Post 3.0

Probably Barracuda.

Mustangs are for chicks (steve mcqueen notwithstanding) Phone Post 3.0

The Judge.

By the way, my vote is for the '70 Chevy Chevelle SS 454. 360 HP and 500 ft-lbs of torque...mmm mmm good. Phone Post 3.0

an early model mustang

67 GTO just so beautiful

65 GTO, Cuda, charger, so many to list :)

A lot of Mustang hate.

I have a GTO and a Mustang, and my Mustang handles turns like a porsche and is faster flat out than the GTO.

GTO is still a joy to drive, and I love it.

But some straight haters on this thread. I love all cool cars.

MMFT - '69 Charger.
All fucking day Phone Post 3.0

Poleeko - Always wanted a 63 Split Window Vette. Phone Post 3.0
My dad had one , a guy traded it to him to pay for some engine work my dad did for him. My dad didn't like it and sold it for 4k. He also sold his 69 charger when gas went over .40 a gallon.

Fml Phone Post 3.0

66 427 Shelby cobra. Any other answer is wrong. Phone Post 3.0

this thread needs pics

Lack of pics in this thread is disturbing.  Here's my pick:



Baddest looking is the Charger all day, you guys should have just stopped making cars after that one.

It's just a menacing looking motherfucker.

Phone Post 3.0