What is the best cutting Diet!

leaving workout routine alone, i do the alkaline diet.

i have lost on diet alone around 16lbs. in 3 weeks.

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alkaline diet isnt that randy's diet

The best diet is to eat right and exercise.

Diet & Exercise are like Yin & Yang. One without the other is unbalanced.

If you just Diet you will most likely lose weight, but not in a good way. Mostly muscle. If you jsut Exercise but don't watch your diet, you will always be fighting an uphill battle and your endurance will suffer.

i do the alkaline, but i didn't UP my workout. i still roll 3-5 times a week and lift twice a week.

best diet: Stop eating *S*

slimfast, tuna, chicken brest and lots of water

eat rice, pasta etc for carbs (no noodles, though - they're not good for you).

eat chicken, fish and lean meat for protein.

stay away from fat foods. get all the fat from healthy sources like fish, olive oil etc.

eat lots of vegetables (gives you fiber, fills you up, but doesn't add a lot of calories), drink lots of water (again, it fills you up and keeps hunger at bay without adding calories).

if you feel sugar cravings, eat a piece of fruit, not chocolate or sweets.

eat regularly and relatively often. never get really really hungry - you'll end up over-eating.

if you work out a lot, drink protein shakes after training. it'll help you sustain muscle mass while cutting fat.

I pretty much agree with the Viking.

Agree with Viking also

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What you want to accomplish is losing fat and not muscle. Almost every post here is advice for losing weight but that includes a lot of muscle.

The adkins diet is good except for MMA training you need a little tweaking.That would be about two grams (at least) of protien per lb of bodyweight per day and eating a large carb meal once a week. For a 200lb or less individaul 400 grams of protein per day is neccesary on this diet. More grams if over 200lbs. More on this later.

First eat lots of protien and lots of fat. The fat gives you an anabolic effect. Example breakfast is two hamburger patties with cheese and smothered with bacon and mayo. Have nuts and slim jims in your car in case you get hungry.Low carb protien drinks. Chicken , fish and get FLAX oil pills at your local Wal-Mart. Prepare your meals a day in advance.

Second never get hungry. Just as long as its no carbs( ie sugar, bread, pasta, ...*BTW noodles IS pasta, rice ect)

Make sure you read at all labels of foods to make sure it has zero or low carbs. Protein drinks are very good BUT you must get the LOW CARB protein drinks. The ones with 27 grams per serving will throw you off. Try to keep the carbs 26 grams or less per day.

The idea here is to put your body into ketosis.You can buy the litmus strip at your local pharmacy to check if you are in keto. Just piss on them and it will tell you. It take a couple days to get into keto so once you are there you don't want to be thrown off.

**Now the tweaking....you should eat a large carb meal (or two) once a week. This will give you energy for your training and will not destroy your ketosis state.This would consist of potatoes or rice on a sunday for example. Then on monday -fri training will be a breeze,

The high fat in the diet is key to this whol3e approach. If you do not eat high fats (good or bad fats) it will not work. This keto diet is truly amazing and once you stay with it for 4-6 weeks you will always know how to lose weight.

I know you might think its all against what you have been told your whole life but this is the new science AND IT WORKS!!

Eating a low fat diet and still taking in carbs while lowering your protien is NOT the way to lose fat EFFECTIVLY. You WILL lose muscle and that is not good.

manipulation of carbs is the key. I can go up or down 20 lbs. with this method.

CARBS- high with breakfast and post-training. eliminate or maybe something like an apple with other meals.
PROTEIN- 1.5 grams per lb. body weight
FAT- High intakes of olive and fish oils. 4 tbsp of each per day. this is very important for a number of biochemical reasons, for example mono/polyunsaturated fats inhibit fatty acid synthase DNA. this is an enzyme required to store fat. good luck

ciggeretes and heroine,u will lose it fast

clubrid.. as much as I would like to trust in that diet..i can't!

Good Advice Viking