What is the best story arc ever?

Curious on what different opinions are. The Watchmen miniseries for me. Phone Post

Tough one. I am a big fan of Invincible and the Viltrumite War. JMS's run on Squadron Supreme was incredible, but it was never finished so that makes it hard to pick for best ever. The original series of Rising Stars was also one of the best ever. Though the art is tragically 90's at times.

Transmetropolitan and Supergod by Warren Ellis were both amazing as well. And Wanted was great. Not sure I can pick one.

 I can't pick one.....too many choices.

Ultimate Extinction was amazing as well. There really have been some incredible arcs over the years, I suppose that is why we still read comics even with crap like A vs X and the various DC CRISIS of the moment books.

Infinity Gauntlet or Annihilation......

secret wars and infinity gauntlet


another I really liked was when the avengers got their base invaded and the bad guys nearly killed hercules....

and another was when they had the assassin named scourge in the captain america books.

I remember that Avengers Slap. The wrecking crew caught Herc when Herc was drunk and pounded him into the pavement.

paw -  I can't pick one.....too many choices.

Annihilation for me

I am probably romanticizing it because it was the arc to get me back into comics...who knows. It is magnificent.

Also, Elektra 8 pt mini is fantastic

Moke - 
RobGotti - 
Teenage mutant lesnar turtle - We could care less what you think op, you twot. Phone Post 3.0


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Great suggestions, everyone. Phone Post

I really like the original Age of Apocalypse.

war of kings

The Avengers story with Herc getting pounded was eventually called Under Seige. I've been loving the Avengers for three decades now, but the last few years have been great. I really like the recent return of Norman Osborne.

The current FF with Hickman is great, but there have been other great runs on that book like John Byrne and of course the Stan and Jack stuff.

Leigh - Maybe the Ultimates

Impossible to pick a best ever, but it would be hard to make a list without this arc ranking up there:


Daredevil: no crazy riduculous dimension shattering crossover. Just great storytelling with an obvious respect and love for the character.

Miller nailed Daredevil. It's a crime what they're doing with the character nowadays.

Dark Phoenix was pretty sweet at the time. In context, everybody was pretty shocked that she died and there was no intent to bring her back. Remember, this was before Jean became the prototype of absurd comic book character resurrection and before the storyline was copied 100 times in multiple media.

Born Again was absolutely excellent.
Annhilation was also very good.
The Viltrumite War was so epically dope.
The Punisher max series that DA posted was incredible from start to finish. Particularly the Bullseye arc.

Infinity Gauntlet was cool when i was younger and its certainly a great idea but going back and re-reading it was kind of disappointing.

and everyone knows Spider-Man OMD was a modern day masterpiece deserving to be listed amongst the greatest stories ever told. 

& Batman Knightfall was good.