What is the Blauer System?

I've known about Mr. Blauer for a long time, but I never really knew what he did. After reading many of his posts on the forums and what's been written by other members I visited his website. From the posts and my viewing of his website some questions arose in my mind.

Does Mr. Blauer use Neuro-Linguistics in his program? I have played around with this myself and I recognized the use of the word 're-framing' (for emotional states) in some of his posts.

Does his system place more emphasis on associating emotional to physical response, or emotional to mental response (association of defensive responses to attack/threatening actions)?

Does his system associate particular physical techniques against a particular type of attack, with emphasis on associating the emotional state with the attack and counter? (this question came to mind from what I've garnered about the SPEAR thing)

I ask these questions because although I've played around with the mental aspect of fighting and fear response I was never able to sit down and put all my jumbled thoughts, experiences and limited education about it together. I was wondering how Mr. Blauer approached it (mainly to know if I was on the right track . . . I know, I know, it's my ego ;) because I'm seriously considering buying his tapes. If anyone can answer my questions, I'd very much appreciate it.

P.S. Which of his tapes deals mostly with the mental aspect of fighting and training methodology?

P.P.S. And does he have a certified instructor in Houston, TX? (I'll see if he has a list on his website)




If you can swing it, the Be Your Own Bodyguard video and audio tape package is a great place to start. Mr. Blauer's tapes are narrated from a psychological perspective and are packed with drills, formulas and what Mr. Blauer calls, tools, tactics and targets.

Before I really investigated Mr. Blauer's stuff, I thought I had some pretty evolved thinking on the subject of self defense. After watching the vids, listening to audios and reading his PDR Manuel I knew that I must become a student again.

As far as NLP...There may be some terms and concepts that are used when applicable. The Blauer system is in a constant state of evolution. For over 20 years all Mr. Blauer has ever done is research what really happens in a street encounter and what you can really do to "Detect, Defuse and Defend" when a confrontation occurs.

I wish you luck in your search...




Thanks! :)


Thanks for your letter.

If you are genuinely interested in finding out more there is a couple of hours worth of donwloaded reading or on-line reading within my site www.tonyblauer.com

Go to the On-line education and also read up on the history etc. Every direcotry explains some compponent of my system and its research.

As for your specific quesiotns, the term re-frame, When I lecture I am very very visual in many verbal presentaitons and the term 're=frame' coincides perfectly with all my 3 dimensional theory etc..

We have frames of mind, and we 'frame' ideas and focus or fixate on them so the re-frame was a natural.

As well 'reframe' is used in several mediums as a synonym for changing a perspective. Over the years I have read a great deal of books and have come across terms similar in motivaitonal books, many of these people have dabbled or studied NLP, I have not.

"Does his system place more emphasis on associating emotional to physical response, or emotional to mental response" (

There is only one way the river flows when it comes to stimulus/repsnse: emotional/psychological then physical sequencing. That is the direction of all real processes. Although there are times or situaitions where the psychological/emotional reverses or happens almost simulatanelously.

Spend a little time on the site you should get more insight


Mr. Blauer,

I hope the letter you were referring too was my 'post'. I'd hate to think someone was e-mailing you using my handle :) I re-read the articles on your site and I've since added your site to my favorites list and I've saved some of your articles onto my computer just cause I liked them :)

Thank you, Mr. Blauer, for taking the time to respond to my post. I will be ordering your tapes soon . . . :)

I clicked on the 'View archives' for the Mental Edge and read the threads . . . Great Stuff!!!