What is the case for the UAW?

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Don’t derail another thread because you’re ashamed of yourself. There is nothing wrong with AJ but you get insanely frazzled every single time. So same advice as always, hope you get the help you need to fix yourself.

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Meanwhile, in the past twelve months, the Big Three automakers — General Motors, Ford, and Stellantis — have authorized $5 billion in stock buybacks, effectively giving billions of dollars to shareholders that could have gone to autoworkers.

On top of the stock buybacks, the Big Three have reported $21 billion in profits in just the first six months of 2023. Despite the enormous gains, the companies have cried poverty in response to union demands for wage increases to make up for decades of pay stagnation.

In a statement released last month, General Motors (GM) claimed that the United Auto Workers (UAW)’s demands “would threaten our ability to do what’s right for the long-term benefit of the team.”

As part of its efforts to force the auto companies to spend more on their workers, the UAW has taken aim at the corporations’ stock buyback approach, in which companies repurchase their shares to drive up their short-term value. In their negotiations over a new contract, which expires on Thursday, the union proposed automatic payments to workers when the companies authorize buybacks or expand dividends.


It just shows how dumb people really are unless they are trying to say it’s just the principle that matters. Because if the ceo made $1 per year and they divided his salary among everyone else it would amount to a completely meaningless raise.

If these guys get this raise they will guarantee the car market never price corrects from it’s current ridiculous level.
If they believe the company is killing it and they’re getting screwed they should ask for shares of stock. That way if evil corporation profits “too much” their stock will go up accordingly. But I guarantee they wouldn’t want that.


It’s laughable


Vehicles aren’t over priced as it is… the consumer will be hit the hardest

It always has though

You’re arguing for people to make better personal choices. If you’re a factory worker you’ve been lazy all the way through school and made a lot of bad choices while people with a better quality of life made sacrifices when you were dicking off. This shit doesn’t just happen to people. We all went to school and through childhood and early adulthood together and the fact simply is most people fuck off constantly and then claim victim status to evil rich people. It’s absurd to me but I’m sure those people think I’m a stupid asshole.


Good luck with trying to explain it to him


LOL @ Biden being for the unions. Ask the rail workers about that. Biden straight-up ass-fucked them.


I said my piece, and I didn’t lie, that was everyone on here’s experience growing up. We aren’t all equal in any way and we don’t all deserve equal pay.


Good, they voted for Obama. I know for a fact their unions pushed Obama hard.

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I agree