What is the GOAT teen comedy?

Hard to argue with American pie.


This faggot is correct!


Johnny Be Good

Fast times as well. SO far we got:

-American Pie
-Not Another Teen Movie
-Fast Times and Ridgemont High

Regarding Not another Teen Movie… I enjoyed but is can a parody of something be included as one of the best of the actual lists of something?

Parody might need its own top ten GOAT list. Might have to consult with the “making lists on ancient message boards” experts on this one.



ITs a parody but its also a teen comedy in which it was a parody of so id include it in both teen-comedies and parodies for that reason.

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Yeah, NATM might be the goat parody movie, but overall teen movie, no

It likely is. I’ve never tried to put a top ten list together in my head I just have Ferris as my personal favorite. I just said Fast Times was not on the list just because I knew it would trigger the fuck out of people.

I wouldn’t even consider Ferris Bueller a purely comedy movie.


I think we need to categorize these into decade. Cant Hardly Wait > Not another teen movie


CAnt Hardly and Ferris both round out the top 5 for me unless im forgetting something which i likely am.

Fast times is my favorite. Dazed and confused, faggots!


Oh shit, just saw theres a new american pie film - one of those straight to dvd spinoffs. Called ‘girls rule’. Uh oh, looks like the raunchy series has gone woke! Those spinoffs werent really that good anyway. A couple were just ok and not bad to watch when drunk. Band camp was it? Naked mile another 1.

These faggots are correct…

If Dazed and Confused counts as a teen comedy, that’d be my pick.


Yes dazed and confused perhaps number one. Id also classify that one as a teen-stoner-comedy as well as its a stoner film almost as much as a teen film.

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Have to go with American pie, Nadia was really somethin, dance for me Jim!


Damn, I stopped watching after part 2. Might have to watch a couple of the others… maybe.

Dazed is top ten for sure to me. I’m gonna have to rewatch Fast Times… don’t think I’ve seen it since like 96 or 97.

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