What is the lamest sport in the world?

Of the big sports, easily baseball. I can at least suffer through an NBA game. Baseball is a cure for isomnia.

Synchronized Swimming gets my vote closely followed by ice dancing.

That took longer than I thought it would

Softball :softball: is worse!

If you can’t appreciate baseball, I feel bad for you

Ball games just do not entertain me.

Team sports I find to be uninspired.

Gotta be one v one competition. You win, it’s on you. You lose, it’s on you. Nobody to blame. Nobody to take credit for your work.

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I kind of see where you are coming from but I don’t agree. The team aspect is what makes sports great in my opinion. Even though you really aren’t, you feel like you are part of something. Even the winners of individual sports are surrounded by a great team behind the scenes, they just don’t get as much credit.


A ridiculous joke of a fake ‘sport’ that exists solely to give unathletic White nerds university scholarships.