What is the meaning...

What is the meaning of "Shooto Gig Central"?

I know it is the 6th edition. But I don´t understand the idea behind the words "gig" "central".

(Brazilian speaking here).

I don't know what GIG means. I'm curious about that too. Usually, the GIG shows feature mainly up and comers with one big fight (maybe two).

Central is just the location of the event. I guess Nagoya is in the central area of Japan. The GIG shows held in Osaka are called GIG West, and the ones held in Tokyo are called GIG East.

I always liked Renaxis... A quirky fusion of Renaissance (sp?) and axis... Why??? I have no idea... but they liked it.

You forgot "Who Is Young Leader!" :)

"Let's Get Lost" is the funniest.

Who is Waka Daisho!

The best has to be "Shooto Junkie is Back" - where did they go???

"GIG" means a show. Like a Rock concert, some say they have a "GIG" to do. I didn't know myself but my friend in Japan has his own jiu-jitsu tournament he calls "Jiu-Jitsu GIG", he's a big fan of old school American Rock n' Roll like Aerosmith and Guns n' Roses. Funny how a japanese guy re-taught me the meaning of an english word.

Thank you, kawasakiyo.

Pancrase had a tour or shows called "Yes, We are Hybrid wrestlers!"

"Yes, We are Hybrid wrestlers!"

this, of coarse, is the answer from Jeopardy under "MMA for $500, Alex..."

"Who are Pancrase athletes?"

Sorry for the sarcasm, I was watching Jeopardy on TV this week and thought how entertaining it would be to have a Martial Arts category.