What is the most Awesome thing you've ever done?

Time to bring out your inner narcissist and bask in your own glory!

I posted this anecdote in the Brock lesnar smacks your gf thread earlier:

This local barroom brawler idiot kept making racist remarks at an Asian friend of mine. I walked up to him and asked him what the fuck was wrong with him, while looking him in the eyes and firmly standing my ground. This probably awakened some primal brawler instinct, as he asked me if I wanted to fight. I said no, I just wanted to tell him that he's a retard and that he should apologize to my friend. He never did that, but rather than punching me in the nuts like I was kinda fearing, he just offered up some weak retort and slunk away like a naughty kid coming off a spanking.

Which got me thinking "man, that's probably one of the more awesome things I've done." Perhaps a small and relatively unimportant thing in the grand scheme of things, but I was only 17-18 at the time and hadn't really been in a situation where my character had been tested against the threat of violence (guy would have had no problem beating the living shit out of me back then), so for me personally it was a big thing; there's something about finding out that you're capable of taking a stance and do the right thing when the chips are down, personal risk be damned.

Anyway, now that we have established my awesomeness, what's your story?

Feel free to define "awesome" as you wish, but stuff like "having my firstborn child" or similar, while possibly super-awesome for you on a personal level, is most likely going to be sucky for other people than yourself to hear about, and I mean, even severely retarded people are able to procreate, come on.

Oh, one more thing, most awesome thing a friend of mine ever did was being part of the KFOR peace keeping force following the Kosovo War where he came upon a young girl about to be gang raped and probably killed after by a group of armed locals (raping and killing was disturbingly common in this conflict.) Instead of calling for backup, he acted on impulse and charged directly at the fuckers with warning shots, yelling at them to disperse. Luckily they fled instead of returning fire. Saving an innocent life at great personal risk, now that's fucking awesome imo.


(I suppose this thread technically should have been posted on the OG but since there's so few awesome people there it would kind of defeat the purpose, besides, I'm guessing there might be a few answers about fighting/confrontations so it's sort of vaguely topical imo.)

sounds like u chickened out like a little BITCH

this one time at band camp

 This is why I keep my head on a swivel in a fight....and i throw lots of lances.

Seriously I was at game 7 of the 2001 World series. That probably wins.

mrmetoo - Giving a girl a Rusty Trombone is towards the top of my list, but I'm a pretty fucking awesome person so I would have to think way too hard to find #1

it's not really a rusty trombone unless you are jacking a dick on the reacharound like playing a trombone... so I don't think that was a girl

That's the most awesome thing you've done?  You need to do some way more awesome shit or you'll die lonely and unfulfilled.

I spent a week in Nicaragua with Mayorga on mescaline paying whores to go down on them.

getting into an mba school this year -im a tool.


someone want to help me with this


TheTrollSmasher - sounds like u chickened out like a little BITCH
Haha, was expecting that one. Thing is, who the hell asks for your permission to fight after you've insulted them? "Your mother's vagina has taken so much beating that it can house a grown elephant and your face looks like what I puked up after having smelled the hideous stench emanating from it" ... "That's outrageous! May I punch your face please?" Nah, it was clearly a facesaving dicktuck, and the fact that I stood the ground and he whimpered away, adds further proof imo.

Squared Circle - That's the most awesome thing you've done?  You need to do some way more awesome shit or you'll die lonely and unfulfilled.

I have yet to tell about the most awesome thing I've ever done.

That said, I've been doing way too few awesome things after becoming established. Sure, there's the occasional coke and hookers binge trip, and there's the odd love affair now and then, but in the end, nothing out of the ordinary. That's why I want other people to post the awesome stuff they've done so I can live vicariously through them... 

 Most awesome thing I've ever done?:


Solid entry.

OK, possibly most awesome thing I've ever done until I can remember something better:

I tricked Norway's most famous mass murderer (Veronica Orderud) into believing I was her neighbor and that I was gonna sue the shit out of her for having set up a fence trespassing on my property. Hmm, that actually doesn't sound all that awesome now that I've typed it out, but it sure gave us a good laugh back then!

Btw, you may find yourself wondering how it's possible to approach and talk to a convicted mass murderer, but remember, this is Norway, she was currently serving "free time" (which is exactly what it sounds like, not serving time at all as long as they can be arsed to pick up the phone once a week or so.) You see, our glorious socialist overlords are huge fans of puppies and pretty flowers and the deluded belief that insane psycopaths merely need a little bit of guidance and a kind word on the way, then surely they'll be right as rain in no time, because deep down, all people are fundamentally good and fellow fans of puppies and pretty flowers. Serving actual time is more like an optional kind of thing really. 

For da sweetness:

WP my friend. Even better though would have been something along the lines of "Fetus Schmetus, who cares?" or "What if Hitler had been aborted?"

EDIT: Keep the arrow, change the text to: "Abortion could have spared us from these nutcases."

i'll play along

i am a high school dropout. felt like i had more interesting things to do at the time.
when i was 24 i lied my way into college, turns out they didn't really check that stuff the way you would thought back then.

i became a national honors student. i was asked to come into the deans office one day. hmmm, i thought. well, he just wanted to know why i had declined membership in the honors group. i said it was a waste of the little money i had, that i was completely paying my own way, and the$50 would buy alot of ramen, or at least a book. "hell son, if thats all it is, we have scholarships for that". I told him that i doubted that i qualified for any scholarships.

he went to say that because of my age, i probably qualified for a few other ones as well. so i went down and filled out all the paper work, and goddam if i didn't hhit the motherload of free money. in fact, they were gonna make it retroactive, meaning i would get a bunch of the money i had already spent back.

just one problem.... they said the last piece of paper work they needed was my high school transcripts. i basically said "yeah, be right back".

put em off for as long as i could, then just walked in and spilled my guts.

much to my surprise, they huddled up & said "we might be able to help you".

I was classified as "academically underprivelaged" and....thats right..... they gave me even more money!

maybe not the greatest, but its up there-MM

I fought Kenny Florian in a submission tournament a really long time ago.  He destroyed me, but I somehow managed to not be submitted and just lose the decision.

oh man.... now that i read that, with its amazing spelling and perfect grammer, i think i should just give all the money back now. maybe THAT is why california is in such a mess now?

One time I decided to cut school and spent the whole day having fun with my best friend (who has a wicked convertible) and my girlfriend. At one point I even joined in a street parade and lip-synched "Danke Schoen" perfectly

I've been lucky... hard work lucky... :) Fought in the UFC, Fought in the K-1 GP, Fought against World Champions, Fought for World Championships, Competed in ADCC, Competed in the Mundial, just to name a few cool things. :)


Elvis - I've been lucky... hard work lucky... :) Fought in the UFC, Fought in the K-1 GP, Fought against World Champions, Fought for World Championships, Competed in ADCC, Competed in the Mundial, just to name a few cool things. :)

Yeah but dude did you read about the time I fought Kenny Florian in a submission tournament?