What is the nature of God?

Is God perfect?

Further, if he is perfect does that mean he is both good and evil? Perfection is complete; both yin and yang, right and wrong. An equation is not perfect/complete unless both sides are equal. Furthermore, if God is evil does that mean that God is Satan?

It's all about the definitions bro. If you define "perfect" as having to be yin/yang, right/wrong, good/evil... then I don't think God fits your "pefect." However, if you define "perfect" as being complete, lacking nothing of essence to the whole, without flaws, etc., then to me God fits the bill.

Puzzled's .02

To be complete one must at least have an understanding of the flaws. If God is only good then how can he be omnipotent? If he has no capacity for evil then why not eradicate it? If man was created in his image then should we not have a similar understanding to him? Given our propensity to violence and destruction are we to assume that this too is the nature of God?

I ask these questions as the answers to which would shed light on the circumstances we, as humans, find ourselves in. However, is it possible for anybody to answer these questions reasonably and objectively? Are we not all defined and controlled by what we were indoctrinated with? This goes for anybody.

God has an understanding of all things. That does not mean he is part of all things. How Can God be omnipotent? Because he can control evil without it contaminating him in much the same way your anti virus software can control the virus without being a virus. God does not eradicate evil because he uses it for his purpose, which is to show his mercy to the objects of his mercy. Man was created in Gods image in the sense that we have a spirit, not that we are omnipotent.

I can't be totally objective, and neither can you...we can only try to see each's other point of view and though communication hopefully come to common ground.
I think the bible explains perfectly the state of the world in which we exist.

I agree w/Josh.

G-d created light and dark, good and bad.

Why would he create something he does not agree with or is not a part of him?

Because it brings him pleasure to see his will done...he wanted to show mercy to mankind and in completing creation he has chosen in his perfection to allow these things. There is no reason that God cannot completely control something which he deems contrary to his will without it violating his will. He is God...such dilemmas are non existant.

Adam was framed.

I believe MS to be correct...God knew the beginning from the end before there was a beginning or end to even be thought of.

The nature of G-d is beyond any human's knowledge. That said, G-d is Ein Sof (That which had no end). It is All and exists all, both in thought and in action.

Joshua, not exactly. Before Creation itself began, G-d needed a "framework" from which to work (well, since It is G-d, it didn't, but It used one anyway as an interface to create the physical reality). It created; Torah, Repentance, Eden, the place of Purification, G-d's throne, the spiritual Temple, the name of the Moshiach. Then, using these tools (specifically Torah) G-d created the rest of the universe.

Therefore, when Adam and Eve are being escorted to the gates at the west side of Eden (why the west?) by the Cherub, Adam takes one last look around and at the top of Heaven, he catches a glimpse of the Torah. He then turns to G-d and says "G-d, You created the Torah long before You created me! In there, You speak of disease and death, sin and repentance! I was framed!" and G-d is silent!



where does this come story come from? Is it in the misnah or the talmud? Is it attributed to a particular Rabbi?

Thanks bro.

Acctually, I'm not sure.

I'll see if I can track down a source for it...if you find it let me know. Thanks homey.