What is the New UFC Card?

I have less of a clue than usual

Tito vs. a Bubba Grappling dummy.

Tito Ortiz vs. Patrick Cote

Matt Hughes vs. George St. Pierre

Robbie Lawler vs. Evan Tanner

Rich Franklin vs. Jorge Rivera

Frank Trigg vs. Charuto Verissimo

Tony Fryklund vs. Ivan Salaverry

Marvin Eastman vs. Travis Lutter

Thanks, Beth

atmo: http://skagenfightgym.dk/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=444



Pat Cote? LOL

Only guy Zuffa could find to fight Tito on less than a week's notice.

Marvin Eastman and Lutter? You have to be frigging kidding me?

It's an undercard fight. So what? It's not even in the same league of shittiness as Sentoryu/Foki.

Fryklund? Yeah, hes a good fighter, but Lindland just beat him.

Fryklund was also a replacement for an injured fighter. And I guess Zuffa should not sign anyone who loses to a top 3 fighter.

WTF isnt Zuffa bringing Horn into this match?

Horn signed an exclusive deal with Euphoria.

Well, yeah.

Eastman was scheduled to fight Cote. Cote was bumped to fight Tito, and Lutter is a last minute replacement.

As for why Eastman is in? I'm pretty sure he's a native Las Vegas fighter, and thus is a draw in Las Vegas.

jaydub, Eastman is a decent fighter. He has a win over Tiger White not too long ago.I think that fight was after the Belfort loss. He knocked down Michael McDonald in K-1 which is pretty amazing. His fight is only a prelim anyay so don't sweat it.

The main event is garbage...but Franklin vs. Rivera, Hughes vs. St. Pierre, Charuto vs. Trigg, and Tanner vs. Lawler are going to be awesome fights

Cote was not the only person the UFC could find it was the only person Tito would fight

Considering all of the injuries, this is an excellant card.

Only guy Zuffa could find that Tito would fight on less than one week's notice was Cote.

That's what I meant, I just worded it wrong.

This was already brought up by jaydub, and I agreed with him.