What is the PPV lineup for UFC 47

I assume it will be


with Genki/Brown, Edwards/Franca, and Lytle/Tiki being the prelims.

if this is the line up then let me be the first to say BULL SHIT.

Weizorek/Shipp, and Lawler/Diaz should be prelims with Franca/Edwards and Genki/Brown taking there places.

My guess:

Tito Ortiz / Chuck Liddell (LHW Main Event)PPV

Andre Arlovski / Tim Sylvia (HW Championship)PPV

Cabbage / Mike Kyle (HW bout)PPV

Hermes Franca / Yves Edwards (LW bout) PPV

Reason being is that promo posters have been released for each of these 4 fights. Same thing was done for UFC 46, and all the poster fights were PPV fights.


Wade Shipp / Weizorek (PRELIM)

Chris Lytle / Tiki Ghosen (PRELIM)

That leaves Sudo/Brown and Lawler/Diaz. I bet at least one of these will be on the PPV, maybe live, maybe as a swing fight. With only one 5 Round fight on the card, they should be able to fit 5 fights easily into the live show. Even then, there "should" be enough time to show a taped prelim.

My bet is if one of these two is live, it will be Genki Sudo /Mike Brown. Reason being is that Genki is almost always a crowd pleaser, and it doesn't matter if he wins or loses, because his committment to the UFC is questionable (with K-1 knocking on his door). Zuffa probably hopes Lawler will win, since he's marketable and has lots of exposure. If he loses and it's a dark match, no biggie, few saw it. If he wins in exciting fashion, they will try to show it.

Here's what it should be:

Tito/Chuck - Main event of course

Arlovski/Sylvia - Co-Main event

Hermes/Edwards - Live

Cabbage/Mike Kyle - Live (Should be first fight)

Genki/Brown - Live

Lawler/Diaz - FREE PREVIEW!

Lytle/Tiki - Prelim #1

Shipp/Weizorek - Prelim #2

If Weiz vs Shipp makes the main card than the UFC is a joke. Although both men are very tough fighters neither of them have ever been in a big show, and SHOULD NOT be shown just because they are big heavyweights. Kyle/Cabbage, Arlovski/Sylvia should be enough for the general viewer to get there "I want to see a heavyweight get KO'ed" stuff.

They should show them all. Lytle/Tiki and Weiz/Shipp should be the swing fights, if they have don't have time, I'm not really interested in either fight. I like Lytle but he needs a better opponent than Tiki.

I only hope Genki/Brown makes the PPV.
That's all that matters to me. :)

"They are not showing all of them, they aren't even mentioning the undercard fights anymore for the PPV broadcasts.
It was posted last week, 4 fights and one swing fight. I can't remember them though... "

Bryanand, you better email UFC President Dana White and straighten him out, he must not have gotten your memo. He has said several times now that they are going to do everything that they can to show as many fights as possible, and that includes the prelims. He said the UFC 46 not showing the prelims was a production error.

We will see on April 2nd. 5 fights will not fly on this forum.



Thomasbjj, dana said the same thing after 45 and stiffed us again on 46. if you think thats gonna change this time round your either very optimistic, or very naive.

optimistic. I'll be pissed if they waste time instead of showing a fight.

"here is the lineup...

1) lawler/diaz

2) cabbage/kyle

3) arslovski/sylvia

4) chuck/tito

5)technical difficulties..sorry, buy the DVD"

Isn't more like

5) The Swing Bout

6)technical difficulties... sorry, but the dvd?

The 4 guaranteed Pay Per View fights are

Edwards Vs. Franca

Cabbage Vs. Kyle

Arlovski Vs. Sylvia

Ortiz Vs. Liddell

If there is time: one swing bout AND one prelim bout.

i hope they show the genki fight.

I hope they show the Mike Brown fight :)

I hope they show the Genki fight too!