What is the right age to...

I was having a minor debate with a friend after watching this video of kids who are under the age of 10 fighting MMA.

I couldn't imagine being a parent and seeing my child get hit with a spinning back fist but at the same time I'd want to support my child in whatever they want to do. Plus, most children who grow up playing any competitive sport start between the ages of 5-10. So I am kind of curious, what do you guys think is the right age to start training and fighting MMA?

Completely irresponsible.  Training is one thing, but kids shouldn't be fighting before puberty, so I say 16 to be safe, minimum.

The minimum age to compete in amateur boxing in Canada is 11. With protective head gear etc.

"The minimum age to compete in amateur boxing in Canada is 11. With protective head gear etc."

Wow! These kids are under 10 years old fighting with NO protective gear.

That's a bit young. I remember seeing kids that looked about 10 years old fighting MT in Thailand.

Nothing wrong with training but that's a little young to be fighting.

That's bullshit.

I think 16yrs old is a good age.

I think 15 or 16 should be about the youngest. They should be able to train before that and I'm not even against a little competition before that age but with proper protective gear only. No full contact. IMO

I cringe when I see 10 and under kids boxing. Even with headgear the brain is developing rapidly and getting sloshed around inside the head is not good at all for the developing brain. Training no problem but fighting? I have no kids of my own but it definitely seems irresponsible.

The kids in the video were too young, but they fought a lot better than I expected.

This isnt the first thread with vids of little kids fighting...I find it just as disturbing now as I did then. I think age 15 or so is a good minimum for fighting, training is ok at any age. In most states you can get behind the wheel of a car at 15, thats much more dangerous than fighting.

Oh my... not good,not good at all IMO.

Wow...just wow.

I agree that it should be 16. This is definitely irresponsible parents living vicariously through there children.

that promotion should be banned, or at least the owners/producers of it should have their ass beat. the ultimate example of man's greed....

who the fuck wants to watch that shit?

A little too Roman Empire-ish for my taste. Just because 3rd world countries like Thailand have children fighting full contact with no protective gear does not make it a good idea.

I have to question the mentality of the adults that paid to watch two kids beat the hell out of each other.

WOW, these kids are 8 years old.

that should be illegal. That is human cockfighting. Having 8 year old children not old enough to form their own opinions or make rational decisions going out and fighting like that.

The referee, promoters, cage manufacturers, everyone with any amount of participation in that should be ashamed and should be insuring it doesn't happen with their help again.

that was a pretty sweet spinning backfist though