What is the 'sticker'?

There's an article about the Olympics in this month's grappling
magazine. In it, they refer to a throw called the 'sticker' popularized by
Jason Morris. What is this throw? Can anyone link me to pix or video?



Its a special type of foot sweep used by curling your foot along the ankle of your opponent. Makes it just about impossible to move out of it. A better place to ask this would be jasons forum. realjudo.proboards37.com

Cant think of any videos there might be, however I recomend you go to one of his two camps he runs every year.

Thanks man. Any idea about a picture, then?


"sticky foot"

I think there is a footage of Suzuki doing this throw some where around the net.

I saw one at judoinfo.com

Greg check with Brian he knows what it is.

describing it is really difficult becuase it makes you sound like "plastic man".

That's a good idea, Paul, I will. I guess I was just looking for instant
gratification. No judo until tomorrow, you know?

How's life in Ohio? My friend Mike said you did well at the Great Lakes
Open, congrats.


Sticky foot kosoto or deashi. It sets up uchimata and harai very well. The thing that Jason Morris does.