What is the UFC's criteria?

I do see many threads about people "that should be in the UFC".

Does anyone actually know what the UFC's actual criteria is for bringing in new fighters that haven't fought there yet?

Is there a point ranking sytem for smaller shows or something?

Is it basically a "somebody who knows someone" thing?

LMAO the criteria is Hey dana ya think this guy is good enuff ??then he decides

there are a few major factors:

1) record

2) ability to take a fight on short notice

3) beating a ufc vet or a big named fighter(s)

4) knowing someone on the inside

You dont need all of these but usually a combination of them to get in.

Charles is correct

the connected factor obviously plays a role, and why shouldnt it? non connected guys have gotten in they just have to have a few more wins on their record. Makes sense to me.

Sadly, being connected is the most important thing.