What is the worst part about getting old?

As an adult I wrestled , played football and competed in MMA at pretty high levels.

I have always refused medical care. I now have scoliosis ,degenerative disc disorder and arthritis in my spine. Which gives me a migraine almost daily.

I have been KO’d and/or concussed in the dozens of times. So I can’t remember shit and I am always using the wrong words when I talk.

I have shredded meniscus in both knees. My right ACL tore in 04 and I refused surgery. Now my patellar tendon is so thin from years of slop in the joint I am waiting for it to pop.

My shoulders, I don’t even know what to call what’s wrong with them. Permanently in the wrong spots I guess .

My leg muscles stopped working so I couldn’t refuse surgery and I had hip surgery before I was 30 ( 4 or 5 hours after surgery, I boned a smoking hot waitress that I met at Buffalo Wild Wings two weeks before for the first time . Then went elk hunting 10 days later, killed a bull so far back in it took two days to pack out). So that hip never healed. My other hip feels like it has a steak knife stabbed in it when I lay down to sleep. Walking hurts.

Life is painful but at 6’2 255 I can still grab rim on a 10’ hoop without a running start. And I could still go jog 4 or 5 miles painfully any day of the week. My overhand right is also still legendary. So it’s not all lost.

All of this said, the worst part of getting old is when you realize you are hooking up with women in their 30s and no longer hooking up with women in their 20s.

It is depressing.

How about you OG?

What is the worst part of getting old for you?


Recovery, not the same anymore.


I heard that IP…

Hangovers are a real thing now too.


I’m in my early 40s, holding together well but know that it can’t last too long. I will feel like an older guy in the coming years.

Stay strong Canooke!

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Thanks brother.

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For me injuries seem to last forever now.

Also back pain, never had any issues with my back now I can’t sleep cause my back hurts.

Aside from that it also seems working out requires a lot more to keep up. Which sucks because to much and I can’t even sit in the toilet because of doms


How old are you OP? Thats why its best to just dabble a bit with MMA and not go super hard with it IMO. Get your skills to a level and maybe do an ammy fight or 2 but dont destroy your body and go super easy with the sparring. Unless you have like unreal god given talent which 99% of ppl dont have, its not worth it. There are things you can do and things you can take for recovery which is an art in it of itself. there are also things u can take to improve your cognition such as lions mane, psilocybin, and i also recommend cbd and tumeric to help with arthritis pain, glucosamine too for joints. hgh is also something id look into. cheeers.

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Honestly I never played sports or put myself in a position to get injured. I’m doing great, knock on wood.

My best friend was a competitive wake boarder, got injured every season. Played softball and got injured. Did judo and got injured. He has had a knee replacement hip replacement the whole deal. Is an old man now at 41.

He got sunburnt every summer. He drank way too much every weekend. He lived life hard!! To the fullers you might say.

But!!! He is paying for it now. Now I’m relaxing in Costa Rica, flying to the Philippines twice a year. He is constantly in pain and undergoing surgery.

If I could give any advice to anyone it would be play hard but make sure you wear sunblock, play low impact sports like swimming or fencing. Take it easy. You only have one hip and two knees!!


There is NO Redeeming quality to getting old /

  1. I quit competing in MMA almost 15 years ago to play football.


Welcome back OP!

Rt knee replacement last May from recurring injuries/surgeries from years of BJJ. Rt Distal Bicep rupture times 2 from same as above. I guess the worse part of growing old is growing old. Youth is wasted on the young. I pushed my body to the limit too many times and now am reaping the consequences. However, I wouldn’t trade my scars for anything, they tell my story and they tell that I lived well. I ain’t as good as I once was, but am as good once as I every was. I’m 51.


Example: Spent 3 days digging fence post holes for my son in hard clay soil. Usually no problem. After 3rd day woke up with a locked up elbow - couldn’t touch my face or perform any pushing type movement.

3 months later now and I was able to perform push-ups last night. Felt like a miracle. If I was 40, and not 60, this elbow problem would hav never occurred.

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Never heard of her.

hahahaha truth

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Hell yeah. Cheers Ronin

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I honestly enjoy being older. but it does suck knowing you are not the first option for most hot 20 something ass. I’m with you op.

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I’m actually in better health, overall, than I have been for most of my life. The worst part for me is realizing all of the things I dreamed of being will never happen. Never going to be a heroic General or a movie star or any of that, not that I really planned on it, but having those doors closed and realizing THIS was the path I took for better or worse, and now all other paths or closed to me. I’m not complaining about my life, just that I’m stuck with it now.


This is worse than all the other piddly shit you mentioned