What is the worst part about getting old?

Sick of seeing bad things happen to good, honest, hard working people. Definitely hate seeing that more and more as time goes on.


There’s definitely that. The energetic and enthusiastic mindset you had when you were young really was amazing and I never thought it would go away. The magic of doing everyday things as a kid was very special. The friendships you had as a kid were on a much different level as well… the same guys I hung around constantly as a kid I barely talk to these days. I never expected that to happen


Worst part about getting old?

Having gone through the pain of losing many loved ones.

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Youre Killin it #33

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54 knees aren’t good swelling up after a run can’t use the heavy bag anymore fingers and knuckles are shot can’t even do push-ups anymore bad shoulder it’s a job just to be fit for work and it’s still quite manual at times but what really pisses me off is every now and then I can do stuff like I used to and think I can still do this and then can hardly walk for a week recovery takes forever


This one for sure. You start to feel lonely after a certain point in your life.


Takeaways are 1) don’t do combat sports unless you’re going to be rich because it won’t be worth it in the long run 2) Losing people is inevitable and will suck 3) could be worse if you’re one of the people that people are talking about losing so stay positive.

Haven’t rolled in over a year because of the lockdown but surprisingly I don’t miss it that much since I’m not getting hit in the head and don’t have to worry about not being able to think and therefore do my job.