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Hi folks, I've been an ignorant bastard and haven't yet looked into the work Scott Sonnon does. I would now like to do so and learn more. Where's a good place to start?

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First you have to decide on what area you are
intersted in working.

For example, for general health, there's Zdorovye,
Warrior Wellness, and Be Breathed.

For Boxing I would suggest Fisticuffs.

For Jacketed Wrestling (really any wrestling) there
is IOUF.

Et cetera. . .

Where do you want to go? What do you want to
develop? These are just a couple of the questions
you need to ask. . .



Dang Straight,although I've just become hip to what he's been teaching,myself.


read Scott's columns on RenegadeTraining.com and the Circular Strength Mag. There are some good detailed reviews of Scott's tapes sprinkled over the RMax.tv site as well.

Not everyone seems to get it, but if you absorb it this material WILL revolutionise the way you approach and regard MA training.

rmax.tv, I remember that one now, hell I think I even have it bookmarked. I had forgotten about it in the midst of reading so many other things.

Considering I'm just getting started in this stuff, I think if I viewed these tapes theyw ould have a double meaning to me, one would be a look at what I WILL be learning (because at this stage I'm not even started grappling at all yet), and 2nd, once I've got some skill, I'd look at the tapes again and probably see things I missed and that I can now see with a new POV.

I'll start looking at the website for info on his tapes. The only challenege will be to get money for them.

Frost, begin with my new book Body-Flow. It conveys the crux and cornerstone of ALL of my work (40+ videos and books), and it is the single best book written on the subject. It will also not create havoc on your wallet.

That sounds good Scott, and Dhira's stamp of approval only serves to make the steak seem more juicy so I shall get ahold of Body-Flow as soon as I can.


Do what Scott Says and then utilize this link that was graciously created just for you.


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Coach Chomycia

Thank you Chomycia.