What is this ad doing on the OG?

Everyone remembers Veegoh goofing up when he asked about an ad on these message boards about trannies or something similar to that. It was great, but now I’m in a conundrum. I keep seeing the same couple of ads on every thread. One features Allison Stokke, that’s not what’s weird. The other one is this.

It makes zero sense to me as to why I’d keep seeing this ad if Google is still the modern day oracle that it once was. I Hate fake or puffy looking lips. I never search for anything like that, or beauty products, zilch, nada, nothing. I’ve only ever seen that particular ad on here after the change.

Maybe I secretly want puffy lips? Who knows lol

It’s to help you fit bigger cocks in your mouth.

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Spoken from undoubted experience…

Nice try skipper. We know how you hit this pose.


I dont have near the width as that ad…

I probably have nicer titties though

Ooooooh, now it all makes sense.

Never mind folks, nothing to see here.