anyone know what this is about?

It should be kept a private matter between him and Jenna imo.

someone ttt the other thread

2 much to type out....

It shouldn't even really be discussed on this board.

apparently its a matter of national security. I mean member after member can talk about their marriages and what not, but don't discuss Tito & Jenna....

I want to see a source.

"WTF is it? fuck this "it shouldn't be discussed" crap."

Its a matter between him and his doctor, apparently his doc broke the confidentiality clause, its a case of damage control at the minute. As a close personal friend and moderator on tito's board, I wont be drawn further on the matter so don't bother asking! You bunch of noisy bitches.

damn it how did this happen literally five minutes before I got home for work.

news??? what is it???


If it's public knowledge, then why not here?

yep. just read it on Yahoo! news also....

"Tito and Jenna are having a baby"

Ever see the Jack in the Box commercial, where Jack's dad is reminding Jack of what a difficult delivery he was, for his mother?


Tito is Pregnant? Is Jenna the father or will they be going on Maury?

You guys knock it off I'm a good buddy of Tito's and this stuff has to stop. Put yourslef in his shoes and ask yourself how you would like this very private issue discussed, jeez.

Shut up Workman. I just want to know who is Tito's baby daddy. If you had one in the oven, wouldn't you want to know too?

In other words, I really dont care about his personal life. I life him as a fighter.


"Imagine trying to pass a baby with that big a head? OUCH!!!!"

For some reason, I don't think Jenna will have a problem with that.

LMAO @ "You bunch of noisy bitches"

ttt for tito news, i want to know whats going on dammit!