What is this lift called?

In my quest to find more rounded full body lifts with applications to functional grappling strength, I have been fooling around with a couple different things. I wanted to do sets of an exersize that worked my entire body with each rep (aside from standard deads, squats etc). The best thing I could find was where I begin the rep in typically deadlift/clean position. I clean the weight up to my chest, where I then press into a Military press. I then lower the weight back down to my chest and do an "ass to heals squat" I know the only difference between this movement and a power clean is the press, but is there an official term for it? It sucks in a most horrifficly delightful way and is my new favorite workout.

No, it's pretty much a power clean/Press/Front squat complex. Someone may have given it a name (or two, or four) but it doesn't change what it is.And there's no "official" term for it.

There's lots of good exercise complexes to be had, too. Experiment.

Well... its a clean and press. A clean and jerk or push press if you give some bodily assistance. Then instead of finishing the rep, you go into a front squat.

Decent little workout for sure, but personally i'd probably just seperate the two.


You will be knackered that is for sure.

The only problem is that you should be able to clean much much more then you can press. So the clean part is not being worked much if your clean is half decent and efficient. The press will be hardest and the front squat would be easy if you worked squats. But after a bunch of reps your press will be really tired and just make sure you have good form for he clean and the front squat parts.

How many reps of this are you doing?


The only problem is that you should be able to clean much much more then you can press."

True, but I still throw in deads and occasional heavy cleans, I just want to get all around strength. I am doing heavier reps of five right now. I am thinking about throwing in a burnout of lighter weights set of fifteen or so.

A potential puker.

Check out the Dumbbell 6-Count I make Egan Inoue do here:Dumbbell 6-CountScroll down and check out the video. Good stuff!Train hard, SCRAP

Looks interesting Scrapper. I have got to try it at the gym next.

Rope climbing if you have a place to do it great upperbody work out imo. One of the best imo also lift your legs up so you are using yoru abbs and get them worked. A few climbs and you are busting a gut.