What is this magic soccer spray?

I’ve never seen it used it any other sport but soccer but this stuff is legit. Mother fuckers are rolling around on the turf like they’ve been hit by sniper fire and then some trainer comes out and sprays the affected body part with what has to be some high level voodoo shit and BOOM dude has somehow averted death and is back playing instantly at 100%.

Why have real sports such as rugby, hockey, football ect. not adopted this black magic in a can?


Maybe @DaGrinder can spray it on his dick

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Boipussy* IMO

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Title of thread might as well be “I am faggot who enjoys watching soccer on the regular”

be better Stray.


Stray watching soccer lololol


I’m gonna let you in on a little secret: Those soccer players aren’t hurt quite as bad as they let on…

Shhh…don’t tell anyone.


pro tip: next time say " i heard from a friend that…"


It is a combo of opioids and steroids.

Yup, soccer is so gay

Now excuse me while I go watch two half naked men wrestle each other inside a cage


Just watched the entire Portugal/Ghana game at work. Nice perk. Not a huge soccer fan but the World Cup is legit.


You see that in rugby too. They like the ice in a can.

In rugby you can only sub off and back in for blood. Otherwise when you go off you’re off for the game so they do a lot of quick on field repairs.

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And rugby players are actually hurt if they stay down. These soccer players rolling around in the throes of death after getting lightly brushed is fucking embarrassing.


trump fake news GIF

does everybody in Canada work on American THanksgiving?

it sounds like some people actually celebrate it up there, but how if everybody is working?

One kick to your shin like they take regularly and you’d be on the ground crying like a bitch

sometimes it is just thought of being brushed that can bring on the pain.

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I hate all the BS going on in Quatar

That 1st penalty 100% should not have been allowed, Ronaldo acted and what is even more criminal is the VAR team did not push for a review after the ref refused to apply it

Only reason why that game opened up is because the competition was aiming at Ronaldo breaking that record and the end game selling his shirts

Same with the +8 minutes of extra time awarded the other day at the end of that Netherlands vs Senegal game, Netherlands was up 1-0 and they had maybe 2 minutes of injury to be added but the competition wants Quatar to go through (after a loss to Ecuador) so they invented an extra 6 minutes to give Senegal a chance to tie the game and help Quatar qualify.

The stuff these people are getting away with in this competition is beyond criminal, fuck does Quatar even know about soccer anyways? We shouldn’t even be playing there


That’s fair. I don’t watch soccer because it’s lame, boring and full of floppers. So I don’t really know how much of it is going on.

They’re great athletes but it’s hard to watch them act like women when they flop.

Also having World Cup in Qatar is a joke so there’s that. It’s like the Olympics in China. I just didn’t watch.