What is this? (PIC)


Never saw a guy get caught in mid blink before?

lol is it a before or after pic

Jet Lag

"why the long face"

hahahaha, beat me to it wolfpackbjj.

i hope he doesnt cut his hair and they use it against him...........oh and murilllo ninja is thinking that giant dumbass

that is the perfect opponent for wes simms!

Looks like a sleepy guy to me

He is loaded!

looks like Colman in a few more years and just a little bit more steriods


LOL at the expresion on Ninjas face, What the hell is that thing?

That's a 24" face (including the 12" forehead)

Is anyone thinking what I'm thinking?

It's getting HOT in here...

who cares, this dude is gonna die from a hear attack asap anyway

He must get all the ladies!

kodak moment