What is this show "Tap Out"?

It's coming on Versus after WEC tonight, sounds like some kind of MMA drama series (WTF?). Did I totally miss this?

Here's the press release with details on the show:


just read the article..............so whats the show about, and why are people tattooing the tapout logo on themselves?

affliction is next

"lol I saw some beanpole yesterday wearing a tapout shirt and sprawl shorts.... mma clothing is so lammmme as casual wear."

Cole Miller?

I don't see whats wrong with supporting a clothing brand. I have a HCK t-shirt because I like the message it sends out. To each is own. And I do own some Tapout products because I use to sell them. I wear whatever I had left over. Better than going to waste. It's only the people who put these products on and feel like they can fight now. Like beer muscles.

I guess no one is allowed to support thier favorite sports team either? It's not that serious.

That was just wrong, BigBopper. I will not laugh at that.

"mma clothing is so lammmme as casual wear."

I felt the same way in the early 90s with skateboard clothing. Now everybody wears Airwalk. You'll get over it, it just takes time, ha ha.

"mma clothing is so lammmme as casual wear."

I am guessing you wear nothing but plain white hanes shirts?

lol at your name

Another reality series



This Sunday watch our New Reality Series 'TapouT' on the Versus Channel

Be sure to catch TapouT's edgy, hardcore new reality series on the Versus Channel, debuting this Sunday, June 3rd at 11pm EST / 8pm PST. 'TapouT' will air immediately following the live coverage of the WEC fights.

To find your local Versus Channel, click here Versus Channel Lineup.

To view showtimes and episode information, click here Show Schedule

Thanks to all the TapouT fans for tuning in...