What is up with the app?

Every fucking time I try to do anything on the app it pops open the App Store wtf is this shit?


Yea, I've been experiencing this today as well. :-/

Think of it as a "Feature."

Fucking annoying

Today every fucking thread seems to pull that bullshit. Not just to the App Store either. Wake up Kirik and fix this 

"It isn't a problem, it is a feature"

- Chris, Jason, Kirik

what do you have against the App Store?!

They are trying a new ad system that gets into your iTunes account and withdraws funds. But don't worry, there's an easy fix. Buy a blue and it goes away. Totally optional tho. 

Lol. As I was typing this post I got redirected. I think what's happening is there is an ad right underneath your keyboard so as you type you click on the ad. Fucking sneaky bastards!

Ok nvm. I keep getting redirected without typing anything. 

gokudamus -

Ok nvm. I keep getting redirected without typing anything. 

Also, it still happens if you're a blue.





App is completely broken. Can't even read threads without being redirected 20 times. 


Shit like this is why I will never renew my blue

Wake up white people

Quit paying them money for their shit product and service imo. Nothing new. 

I can't get the thing to refresh the new posts.


Also, about half the time I try to post it flips out on me and I have to go back and edit.

Fucking stupid app.

If Kirik and Chris were understanding and goodhearted people they should compensate us with free blue name for at least 6 month.