What is/was CNNs most blatant/worst fake news?

What would be the most egregious example?

Giving questions to shitlery in advance for me

This man having a break down and nearly talking revolt when trump won.  He acted like he was just a random dude walking down the street that CNN stopped to interview.  Turns out, he was actually a CNN camera man. 





probably the most cringeworthy moment.

this is what a liar looks and sounds like.

Not really fake news, but the best is when they blurred the trump t-shirt when interviewing the guy who saved the baby.

the last 2 seconds of that clip are the best ^^

Combo of misleading editing of Zimzam's 911 call, Trayvon baby picture and Mike brown gentle giant lie all basically created BLM movement.

I prefer to lump it all together. It illustrates just how slanted they are.

Too many to choose from

How about the countless times when someone like Ron Paul or some other conservative is making a point and all of a sudden they loose their satellite connection?

Not fake but i never get tired of watching Rachel Maddows meltdown when it became apparent Trump won. Like Fighting said that cnn camera guy pretending to be a protester was great. I think it was Lemon who outed him by mistake.

Go to Russia lo 

When they showed the sister of the Milwaukee cop shooting holding a prayer service and calling for the violence, looting, destruction in the city to stop...they conveniently left out the part when she called for carrying out such acts in the suburbs.

They have plenty of green screen moment pretending to be where they are not also have had there own staff pretending to be a citizen there interviewing

For me it was that time they used fake footage of crowds at protests to make it seem like the crowds were bigger than they were.

And also those times where they edited clips out of context to try to make the president look like he said sometjing that he didnt. One such incident was of the president saying "Taxes are scheduled to go up substantially next year for everyone" when the full quote was actually "Under the tax plan passed by the previous administration, taxes are scheduled to go up substantially for everyone next year."

Oh wait...that was Fox News. Republicans didn't complain at all when Fox did it. But now you can't stop crying about it.

I saw the actual footage on Twitter and 10 minutes later i saw the cnn version

Its where the 16 year old girl gets maced at a trump rally

They went on and on about trumps rhetoric and the violence at trump rallies and how it was so sad that trump supporters would do this to a lil girl

Well they completely edited out the part where she PUNCHED A GUY IN THE FACE And then got maced

I couldn't believe it. Even for cnn and it made it worse that i had just seen what actually happened and cnn COMPLETELY spun the whole situation

Bick Koxer -

Combo of misleading editing of Zimzam's 911 call, Trayvon baby picture and Mike brown gentle giant lie all basically created BLM movement.

This. Zimzam turned out to be an asshat but he was railroaded. There was a story to be sold and all these networks did their best to sell it. 

Not one, but the many times that someone begins to say something positive about Trump or negative about Democrats, they cut the feed and the news announcer acts like it's just the 27894th coincidental satellite drop that occurs when the narrative begins to shift.

Oh no! That sucks.